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Advice for Men When the Kids Get a Lice Infestation

Advice for Men When the Kids Get a Lice Infestation

So many articles or blog posts about head lice are written by women and talk to women about how they should handle this issue, but there are some things men should know as well. It’s quite possible that you, as a father, might be in a household where both you and your wife are working. In this case, there will be plenty of opportunities for shared parental duties. This means that whatever is done to handle a head lice infestation, the chances are good that you’ll probably be involved in the process to some degree. It would help if you continue reading to find some tips and pointers for you, so you’ll contribute toward a smooth solution to the situation rather than aggravating things.

Don’t Assign Blame or Be Accusatory

Assigning blame is never a brilliant strategy for domestic tranquility, and this remains true when the subject is head lice. This includes tangentially assigning blame with statements like, “how could you not see this coming after the school reported a lice outbreak?” Your wife is undoubtedly busy with uncounted chores around the house, and who knows what work responsibilities if it’s a household where both of you have jobs.

Don’t Panic

It would be best if you remembered that lice probably sound worse than they actually are. While no one likes the thought of sesame seed-sized bugs crawling around on their kid’s scalp, they are not generally dangerous since they don’t transmit disease. That being said, they are still a nuisance with the red, bumpy, irritated, itchy scalp that they can produce due to many people being allergic to their bite. So, don’t panic but don’t sit around doing nothing about the problem either.

Be There if Your Wife Needs You

If you are too busy at work to physically be there to help get the family over this lice infestation, at least ask about how it’s going and how you can help. This may take the form of your wife asking you to pick up a lice shampoo from the drug store on your way home. Although, if she does ask this, you may want to inform her that these products have been used for so many years that most lice have grown immune to the pesticides used in them.

You also don’t want to put her, or your kids, through most head lice removal home remedies, which typically involve spreading gross oils or mayonnaise on their head to suffocate the lice and still may not get the job done. There is one way you can constructively assist your wife and kids by offering to help out with an effective head lice removal option.

Consider Using a Professional Lice Removal Service

If the rest of the family isn’t sure how to handle a head lice infestation, you might want to suggest a professional head lice treatment center. If you live in or close to Mercer County, you are convenient to a lice treatment center called Lice Lifters of Mercer County. The team at our kid-friendly lice removal service consists of certified lice technicians who are experts at detecting and eradicating these parasitic pests from the scalp and hair of your loved ones. The completely safe and all-natural treatment process at our lice clinic near Trenton will get your family lice free in a single visit, and we back this up with our Lice Lifters Guarantee. If you want to score points with your better half and with the kids, consider arranging an appointment for them at our lice removal service for a professional head lice treatment that will get the situation handled in a fast, effective, and low-cost way.

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