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Best Lice Care Tips For Going Back To School

Best Lice Care Tips For Going Back To School

Being a concerned and involved parent, you do everything you can to look after your children and their well being.  Issues occasionally come up which can run the gamut from health, school or personal life issues that have to be dealt with.  Head lice may be one such situation that you didn’t know you would have to contend with.  Kids are especially likely to get this problem because they frequently engage in the kind of close physical contact that fosters their spread.

Lice are small, parasitic insects that feed on blood under the scalp.  They are equally likely to spread among boys or girls.  You need to have a talk with your children in order to advise them as to how best to avoid this problem.

Advice for Your Kids About Head Lice

The first thing to point out to them is that head-to-head contact makes it easy for lice to simply crawl from an infected child’s head onto their head. With children back in school, this is particularly important advice. We are in the time of year when close physical contact is very likely due to kids playing in gym class and in after-school sports.

Lice can also spread easily through sharing of headwear between kids. If your child is playing in after-school sports and they put on a helmet that was worn by a kid with a lice infestation, then chances are, they will pick them up. This also applies to any shared items worn on or near the head such as scarves, hats or even the sharing of combs or hair brushes.

Check Them Regularly for Lice

You should do head checks about once a week to ensure they are free of lice. This is best to do when their hair is damp after they have bathed. You need a lice comb and a white paper towel. You simply start at the beginning of a clump of hair as close to the scalp as possible and then bring the comb down to the end of the hair shafts. You will periodically clean off the comb on the paper towel, and this is where any telltale brown or black specks will possibly indicate lice.

What to Do About Head Lice Removal

While busy providing for your family, you may not have ever realized that there are head lice clinics that exist for the express purpose of handling this problem quickly and effectively. If you are a parent in the Mercer County area, then we are proud to inform you about our lice salon located nearby.

At Lice Lifters of Mercer County, we use the most advanced products and techniques for head lice removal. We start by doing a head check to ensure you or your child has lice. Our products are 100 percent safe and natural, so you don’t have to worry about your child being exposed to dangerous toxins or harsh chemicals that they may have a bad reaction to. Take the appropriate precautions, but if you find head lice insist on presenting themselves as a problem in your life, then allow our experienced professionals at our head lice clinic to handle this problem quickly and affordably.

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