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Heat Dryers for Head Lice Miracle or Myth?

Heat Dryers for Head Lice Miracle or Myth?

Confirming that you are harboring lice on your scalp can send you into panic mode. We understand that it’s a stubborn problem to contain and get rid of lice. If you are a first-timer, the endless list of options and advice might confuse you. It’s probably the sole reason why you need to get your facts straight. Does heat drying solve the lice menace? If yes, what are the appropriate steps to follow for maximum effect?

If you decide to take the heat dryer route, consider seeking services from a head lice treatment salon. Head lice removal using heat involves three steps:

  • Combing out dead nits and lice.

  • Applying oil to suffocate lice.

  • Applying heat to the scalp using a dryer to kill the lice.

But what do you need to know about using a heat dryer to destroy lice? Is it effective or just a sales tool?

It is relatively expensive.

Heat drying, a louse killing technique, is undeniably compelling. However, it’s effective after several treatment sessions. With every session’s cost amounting to about $200, heat drying might be an expensive affair if you need several sessions to kill the lice completely.

Demands immense manual labor

As earlier mentioned, the treatment begins with intense partitioning and combing to remove all dead nits and lice from the hair. This phase consumes a lot of time and energy. The actual heat treatment phase follows the procedure. These phases have to co-exist. Without the other, treatment cannot be as effective as promised. It’s hard to tell between combing or heat drying, which of the two does most of the work.

More convenient options

Most people who prefer to use the heat drying option select it for its safety precaution. Heat drying does not entail using some of the wrongly branded “toxic” products. While the market is flooded with many counterfeits promising to treat lice, there are a few excellent products such as tea tree oil, olive oil, and mayonnaise, among others. We aren’t eliminating heat drying as a lice removal treatment option, but you might want to revisit your alternatives and see what products work best on your hair and scalp.


One setback that seems to drag heat drying behind is the process and its presentation on your head. The heated dryer doesn’t look like something you would want to face for extended hours or even consecutive sessions.

So, does heat drying work? The answer to this depends on the factors stated above. The method works for some people, while some need additional treatments to deal with the louse menace for good.

If you feel skeptical about the right lice treatment method for you, contact us at Lice Lifters Mercer. We are certified experts in professional lice treatment, offering arguably the best consultation and lice removal services. Deal with the lice menace today for once and for all.

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