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How To Prevent Lice At Summer Camp

How To Prevent Lice At Summer Camp

If you went to camp as a kid, you probably have fond memories of this time. You may have been a little apprehensive about leaving home the first time you went. Once there, though, you made new friends while having a ton of fun doing outdoor activities. Fast forward to today, and now, you are the proud parent living in or around Mercer County, and you’re about to send your child off to summer camp. You want them to have fond memories that stay with them for a lifetime. Taking just a few precautions will increase the odds that these memories do not include a head lice infestation.

Prevention Goes a Long Way

The best course of action with just about any problem is to avoid it in the first place. This is certainly possible when it comes to your child and keeping him or her from getting head lice. The first thing you should do is talk to them about it.

Let them know how easily they can spread. Follow this with concrete advice on how to avoid getting infected. This would include not swapping hats or any other headwear with other kids. Also, tell them not to trade pillows with others. Simple advice like this can make for a far more enjoyable and less itchy experience for them in what should be an awesome adventure for your kid.

Evaluating the Camp

You undoubtedly have a long list of questions to pose to any prospective summer camp for your child. These should be fairly thorough, so you know you will be maximizing their chances for having a good summer. Remember, though, to include head lice in this list of questions.

What are their policies with regard to this particular problem? Do they have a head lice treatment option that they try first, or do they simply call and have you pick up your child? Do they even bother to do a head lice check on children? These are questions that you need answers to before deciding on any given camp.

When Prevention Has Failed

Let’s say you have determined that your child has lice. Perhaps you checked their scalp before sending them to camp and noticed that they already have some, or maybe you noticed upon their return that they picked some up there. Whatever the cause, the problem now needs to be handled.

What Not to Do

You may be thinking about home remedies or over-the-counter products as possible head lice treatment options. If you are, then you should reconsider this. Over-the-counter products contain toxins that your child may have some unlikely negative reaction to. Allergies abound in our world where some people cannot even eat peanuts without taking their life in their hands. Many experts have found that lice have also become immune to the toxins used in these products.

When researching home remedies for this type of malady, the first thing you notice is how intricately involved so many of them are. Additionally, nearly all of them require multiple treatments. Worse yet, they simply don’t work.

The permanent solution when considering your head lice removal options, you can be thankful if you live in the area encompassing Hamilton, Trenton, Ewing Township and the County of Mercer. This means you are within easy reach of Lice Lifters of Mercer County. Their certified head lice removal technicians first perform a head lice check. Once they have determined that your child has a problem, they have the history and experience to successfully utilize their safe, all-natural treatment protocols that are 99.9 percent effective in a single treatment. If head lice is the only thing spoiling your kid’s summer camp memories, put a smile back on their face by contacting Lice Lifters now.

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