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Why Shaving Your Head Won’t Get Rid Of Lice

Why Shaving Your Head Won’t Get Rid Of Lice

Head lice are a problem that many parents have to confront. You may have heard tales of other parents having found them on their child’s head, and so you are aware that this can happen to anyone. Lice do not discriminate based on race, creed, ethnicity, economic status or any other conventional label of social identification.

There is also the chance that you’ve never given the existence of head lice a first thought, and then you’re shocked when you suddenly find some on your kid’s head. You may give some thought to buying a head lice treatment shampoo to attempt to handle the problem, but the toxins in these have been used so long that there’s a whole new breed of super lice that are resistant to them. Some parents take fairly serious measures if they find lice on their kid. Some even go to the extreme of shaving their child’s hair off.

Cutting Off Your Child’s Hair Is Not the Answer

There was a recent story in a newspaper in the United Kingdom of one parent who took this drastic step upon finding lice on her son’s head and was stunned to find that it did not get rid of the lice. She could see them clearly still there crawling on his head. The lice feed on the blood just under the scalp. They merely hide in the hair and use it to attach their eggs (nits) to in order to give them a secure place to grow.

Hair grows back, and if all you do is shave your kids hair off, this doesn’t do anything to actually remove the lice. They’ll just sit there and continue feeding on the scalp and wait for the hair to grow back to lay new nits on. Even if this did work, though, will your kid want to go through childhood and adolescence bald? Certainly, this would be a drastic solution to this problem even if we lived in a world where it was actually a solution.

Also, what if it’s your daughter who has head lice? It’s one thing to shave a boys hair off but girls would be much more self-conscious about such a thing. Having head lice can stir up enough social stigma without trying a “solution” that makes it even worse.

The Answer to the Problem of Head Lice Removal

For some problems, you need a dedicated solution. Head lice, even if they are of the highly resistant super lice variety, are not a terrible problem when you rank it next to all the potential awful things that can befall your children such as serious illness, injury or other major incidents. It is, though, still an annoyance that will make them have to scratch their head incessantly, and it can be embarrassing if they are sent home by a school nurse because of it.

If you live in the Mercer County area of New Jersey, you are fortunate to be near Lice Lifters, the best lice removal clinic in Mercer County. The expert staff at our lice clinic know head lice removal like the back of our hand. We use a safe and natural head lice treatment that gets the job done in a single visit. We at Lice Lifters of Mercer County can handle the toughest lice including those super lice that have grown resistant to most conventional treatment products. Contact us today, so our certified lice removal technicians can get your child’s attention off scratching their head and back on learning new things at school to put in their head.

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