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Our Education Program

Lice Lifters Mercer - School Support

Lice Lifters Offers a Free Educational Program About the Prevention and Treatment of Lice

Unfortunately, lice can quickly become a community problem. Kids can spread lice to others at school, especially in grades where they lie down close to each other for rest time. To prevent and contain these outbreaks, more education is needed. Many parents do not know what lice look like or how to get rid of them. If they are told their child has lice, they use over the counter products to try to take care of the problem. As we know, at Lice Lifters, however, these OTC products will not ensure that all lice and nits are destroyed.

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We are proud to offer a free parent education program in your community. This is a 30-minute demonstration with handouts available to everyone attending. Knowing how to perform a head check and the steps to take to prevent the spread of lice is invaluable. Educating the community on how to do these head checks will enable all parents and teachers to perform these checks. Prevention is the first step in the battle against lice. If you can prevent lice from setting up camp in your hair, you can prevent the spread of these annoying critters.

Separating Myths
From Facts

There is a lot of misinformation about lice available on the Internet. If the parents and teachers in your community rely on their own research, they may be vastly misinformed. For instance, some places claim that lice can jump from one child’s head to the other. We know that this is not true. The anatomical structure of a louse does not allow it to jump or fly. The legs of a louse are uniquely situated for climbing around on a hair follicle.

Another myth about lice is that they can live for extended periods of time off your head. A louse can only survive between 24 and 48 hours without its blood source, a scalp. Armed with this knowledge, we understand that ridding the head of lice is the first and most important step of taking care of a lice infestation. Manic cleaning will do nothing to get rid of the lice on your head.

Call us today to have a professional Lice Lifters technician speak at your school for no cost. They will debunk these and other myths and teach you how to check for lice, as well as how often you should be performing head checks.

Lice Lifters Of Mercer County Education Program

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