Get A Head Check

Get A Head CheckLice Lifters is the trusted leader for Head Lice Removal in New Jersey.

Come to Lice Lifters® for peace of mind

  • It’s as simple as calling our treatment center to make an appointment to confirm if you have head lice.
  • We utilize the Lice Lifters process which utilizes a non-toxic treatment to kill head lice in Mercer County, Hamilton Township, and Trenton for individuals and families, all at once.
  • Let us do a combing head check on everyone in your household to determine whether treatment is necessary.  Our state of the art process allows for one session with a Lice Lifters technician to remove and kill head lice.
  • We serve customers referred to us by pediatricians, schools and youth organizations from all over Mercer County and Burlington County New Jersey .
  • You will get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family is being checked for lice by trained and certified lice technicians

Bonus: Learn how to do a professional lice head check on your family and gain valuable lice knowledge on how to be proactive for the future.

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