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Professional Head Lice Treatment in Mercer County

If you are a parent in Mercer County and you discover one or more of your children has head lice, you might find yourself panicking as far as what to do about it. Lice are tiny, parasitic insects that feed off the blood just under your scalp. They are not known for transmitting disease, but they are still a nuisance to your child if they become infested with them.

It’s easy for your children to catch head lice. They can’t jump or fly, so they have to crawl from one person’s head to another person. Your kids are constantly coming into contact with other kids while playing outdoors or while participating in organized after-school sports. If you discover them on your child or if a school nurse brings them to your attention, you should immediately seek a professional lice removal salon in order to handle the problem quickly and effectively.


Head Lice Treatment Center Removes Lice the First Time

At Lice Lifters of Mercer County, our trained head lice removal technicians utilize a professional head lice treatment process that is safe, all-natural and 99.9 percent effective. Best of all, any infested family members are lice free after a single trip to our kid-friendly head lice clinic.

After you bring a family member to the clinic, we start the process by verifying that they do indeed have lice on their head. If they are detected, then one of our friendly lice removal technicians will perform a meticulous comb-out in order to get the lice out. We will then apply our safe and completely non-toxic killing agent that is extremely effective at killing any remaining adult lice as well as their eggs. At our lice removal salon, we are able to treat all of your infested family members at once, so you are all quickly out the door with head lice being only an uncomfortable memory.


Head Lice Removal Salon Serves Mercer County

Located in Hamilton Township, our head lice clinic is convenient to your family if you are in Trenton, Ewing Township, Princeton, East Windsor, Pennington or any other towns in Mercer county. We offer the most effective head lice removal process for families in Mercer County, and we are here for you if you discover these annoying pests on your child’s head. If you suspect any member of your family has a head lice infestation, please contact our head lice clinic promptly. We will take care of this issue for you quickly, affordably and effectively, so you and your family can get back to your lives without the itching, redness and irritation of head lice.