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Professional Head Lice Treatment in Mercer County

As a parent in Mercer County, finding out that your child has caught head lice can be upsetting news. You may be wondering how they could have caught such a problem. Lice are tiny insects that are parasitic in nature in that they live off of blood under your scalp. For this reason, they are found under the hair near or on your scalp.

It’s very easy for kids to catch lice since they spread either by head-to-head contact or by an infested person sharing headgear such as hats or helmets. If your kids are like most, they are constantly coming into close contact with other kids, and this presents a perfect opportunity for lice to find new, fertile ground on your child’s head. When you encounter a head lice infestation, you should immediately seek professional head lice treatment at a lice removal salon. Fortunately for you, there is just such a salon within easy reach of parents in Mercer County.

Lice Lifters’ Head Lice Treatment Center Removes Lice the First Time

At Lice Lifters of Mercer County, we take head lice seriously. They may not be known for transmitting disease, but they are still a nuisance in that they can cause a red, itchy, irritated scalp, which can become worse when your child inevitably starts scratching it. At our head lice clinic, we have a proven process that is 99.9 percent effective at getting rid of lice and their eggs, which are known as nits.

The first thing we do when you bring your child in is to verify that lice is the problem they have. We determine this by doing a head check on them. Upon finding lice, one of our trained lice removal technicians will do an extremely thorough comb-out with a specialized head lice removal comb. Following this, we will apply our all-natural, non-toxic killing agent that is extremely effective against the lice and their nits. We can treat multiple infested family members at one time, so you will be in and out of our lice removal salon quickly with the peace of mind of knowing the problem is handled in a single visit.


Mercer County Head Lice Removal Salon

Located in Hamilton Township, we are very convenient to you if you’re in Trenton, Princeton, East Windsor, Pennington or Ewing Township. Our Professional head lice treatment is quick, affordable and effective, and it’s a short drive away from you if you’re anywhere in Mercer County.

If you believe that you or a member of your family is suffering from head lice, please contact our head lice clinic at your earliest opportunity. We will utilize our proven head lice removal process to make this itchy, irritating problem a thing of the past, and we’ll accomplish this for you in a single visit.