Lice Removal Services

Head Lice Removal in Mercer County NJLice Lifters is the trusted leader for Head Lice Removal in New Jersey.

Lice Lifters uses the latest technologies that are pesticide free and 99.9% effective.  Our effective lice service, treating the Mercer County area, will put you and your family at ease right away.

Lice Lifters performs an All-Natural treatment service for head lice removal.

Through our lice treatment center in Mercer County New Jerseyyou will have the safest and most effective head lice treatment in New Jersey.  We are proud to serve Hamilton Township for families in need of lice removal services, as well as Trenton!

With just one single visit for treatment featuring, The Lice Lifters All-Natural treatment, you will be lice free.

Our head lice removal technicians will put you at ease and leave you and your family with a follow-up treatment plan as well as advise on how to prevent a lice outbreak in your home.

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