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As a parent, you undoubtedly love the many benefits and conveniences of living in the Trenton, New Jersey area. Occasionally, though, problems and annoyances will happen, and head lice would definitely fall under this category. Lice are tiny insects that reside in an infested person’s hair, and they feed off blood under the scalp. They are a two-fold problem that is comprised of live lice and then their eggs, which are known as nits.

The Best Lice Removal Service For Trenton, NJ

The first thing about lice is that they are a major annoyance for the person infested with them. It is typically children who have them since they can spread from one head to another through physical contact, and children are engaged in plenty of contact through after-school sports and other games during recess or on the weekends. Their presence causes itching, redness and irritation of the scalp, which is not something you want your child having to contend with when they need to be concentrating on school work.

Another issue with head lice is school policies. Some schools are fairly liberal in terms of allowing kids with nits or live lice to attend their school. Some, however, are a little stricter in that they don’t allow children with live lice. The strictest schools have policies where they don’t even tolerate children with nits to attend.

Professional Head Lice Treatment Clinic

Some may recommend home remedies or over-the-counter treatments for head lice. Unfortunately, the home remedies can often be more of a nuisance than the lice, and over-the-counter products contain toxins that may be harmful to your child. Additionally, neither of these methods are effective. Most lice have grown resistant over the years to the toxins used in shampoos available at stores that claim to kill lice. As a parent in the Trenton area seeking lice removal Hamilton Township has a professional lice removal clinic that is the answer to your problem.

At Lice Lifters of Mercer County, we are your professional head lice treatment experts. At our lice clinic, we have trained and certified technicians who utilize a safe, all-natural process for ridding your family of this annoying problem.


Come to Lice Lifters

We can’t work our lice removal magic on any of your infested loved ones until you bring them into our lice salon as soon as possible.

Thorough Comb-Out

Our lice technicians are experienced when it comes to getting any visible lice and nits out of your hair with a comb made just for this task.

Apply Lice Lifters Solution

This finishing touch involves us putting a liquid killing agent on your hair and scalp that’s 99.9 percent effective at killing the lice and nits.
Lice Lifters Of Mercer County Professional Lice Removal In Hamilton, Marlton And Mercer Nj

Your Trenton Lice Removal Experts

Parents in Mercer County are lucky to be convenient to the best lice removal Hamilton Township has to offer. We start with a head check to make sure the problem is correctly identified. We then comb through the hair in our special process that removes all the nits most of the bugs.

The final step in the professional lice removal process is to apply the Lice Lifters all-natural, pesticide-free solution that is 99.9 percent effective at killing the live lice.

Best of all, we get your family lice free in a single trip, and you go home with excellent advice on how to prevent any lice outbreaks in your home again. In order to minimize waiting time, we can treat your whole family at once, so please contact our lice clinic today, so this annoying problem will be a memory tomorrow.

Client Testimonials

Lisa was amazing! I called the same day and she took us in within an hour. She told me everything she was doing and explained it all to me as well as the treatment plan for going home. She was very reassuring and helped me feel much better when I left. She was very thorough with my daughter and myself. She did such an incredible job. Everyone should use this place when they find lice it is well worth the money. - Kristine Rosa
My 2 year old got lice from daycare! Went to Lice lifter the same day that I saw a bug on her head! Sam, was so nice and gentle with my daughter! We’ve now been bug free for 2 weeks. We followed the at-home solution recommendation that were given and we are just so thankful! We informed the daycare about the situation and they actually called lice lifters too and had them do head checks on the rest of the kids... truly life savers! - Jenna Finch
My daughter was sent home from school with lice, we called lice lifters and Sam got us in right away. She explained the procedure and ensured us everything was going to be okay since I was freaking out. I also loved that they don’t use chemicals which is something that was important to me. My daughter was able to go to school the next day with a note stating she was treated! Lice Lifters saved me and my daughter’s day! - Beverly Dickerson
My daughter was complaining that her head was itchy for a few days, after checking her myself and not seeing anything I decided to call Lice Lifters. Lisa was able to book an appointment for us the same day. My daughter was nervous but Lisa calmed her right down with a movie while she was being treated. The whole process took about a hour. She pulled out nits and lice that I had no idea were there. Lisa and Lice Lifters are the best!!! - Sara Hill
This place was amazing. Had been to another place and still had lice. Laura knew everything about lice and was patient and kind. Best part was the kids could watch TV while they were treated. It has been 2 months since we were treated and no reoccurrence. Thank you Lice Lifters. - Barabara John
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