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Head Check

$30 (school discounts may apply)

Before spending any money on treatment, you want to ensure that your child does, in fact, have lice. Our experienced Lice Lifters staff will go through your child’s head with a lice comb, checking carefully for both nits and lice. If we find anything, we will then discuss treatment options with you. The $30 spent on the head check will be subtracted from the price of treatment.

Lice Lifters Of Mercer County Child In Lice Salon Chair Getting Comb Out

Lice Lifters Treatment

$20 - $165 (Ask about family discounts)

The first step in treatment is thoroughly applying the Lice Lifters Mousse onto the scalp. This unique formula stuns the lice to prevent movement and helps unglue the nits, or eggs. Even though traditional treatment may kill some lice, the process of removing the eggs is what causes people to have a continuous struggle with lice. If even one egg is left behind, it can hatch and start laying eggs, starting the entire infestation over again. We use our special Lice Lifters comb to gently comb out these eggs. The Lice Lifters Solution is then applied, effectively killing any remaining lice.

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The Lice Lifters Treatment Is Safe And Non-Toxic

Our Mercer County removal stations use our innovative Lice Lifters products that are 100% natural. Unlike chemical solutions, our solutions are safe enough to use every day (even though you shouldn’t have to). If you prefer to do treatment at home, you can purchase any of our products at our Mercer County removal stations. ‘Super lice’ is a term given to lice that have grown resistant to conventional treatments. Lice have not formed resistance to our 100% natural products. They are safe for anyone to use and guaranteed to be effective.

At Lice Lifters, we accept all credit and debit cards for payment. We also accept Health Savings Accounts and Flex-Spending accounts. Most insurance plans will not reimburse you for a lice removal treatment, but we will help you determine if your company does.

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