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Head Lice Removal And Treatment Services

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Head Check

Every parent’s worst nightmare is finding out their little one has been infested with head lice. But before you spend money on expensive treatments, make sure your child actually does have them! Our experienced Lice Lifters staff will carefully comb through the hair of both children and adults to check for nits (lice eggs) as well as active crawling bugs.

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Lice Lifters Treatment

The first step in treatment is thoroughly applying the Lice Lifters Mousse onto your scalp. This unique formula stuns lice and helps unglue nits or eggs from hair, preventing any movement whatsoever. Even though traditional treatments may kill some of these little pests, removing their eggs can lead to a continuous struggle with infestations because if even one egg remains behind it will hatch into another individual that continues reproducing more offspring.

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The Lice Lifters Treatment Is Safe And Non-Toxic

Our Mercer County removal stations use our innovative Lice Lifters products that are 100% natural. Unlike chemical solutions, our solutions are safe enough to use every day (even though you shouldn’t have to). If you prefer to do the treatment at home, purchase any of our products from one or more of our convenient locations in and around your area for even faster service than ever before!

At Lice Lifters, we accept all credit and debit cards for payment. We also accept Health Savings Accounts and Flex-Spending accounts – most insurance plans will not reimburse you for a lice removal treatment. But if your company does cover it, just let us know!

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