Lice Treatment and Removal in Mercer County NJ

Lice Treatment and Removal in Mercer County NJ

Lice Lifters treats and removes head lice at our Mercer County New Jersey treatment center.

Why choose Lice Lifters professional head lice removal over other lice treatments? It’s simple – it works! One quick treatment and done.

Through the Lice Lifters Process, our customers see 99.9% success rates removing and treating lice in one treatment. No over the counter lice treatment will work as effective as professional lice treatment. In fact, OTC Lice Treatments are not effective in permanently killing or stopping lice outbreaks. You’ll pay over and over again to treat and still have lice, costing more time and causing more frustration.

Lice happens to anyone – Lice Lifters helps rid you of your lice fast and effectively.

Lice Lifters is happy to help families and residents in and around Mercer County New Jersey with their head lice issues. We can treat the whole family at once. Our treatment center is convenient and local, we offer free Wi-Fi and a comfortable atmosphere with professionally trained lice removal professionals on staff ready to treat you.

Call today to make an appointment and rid you lice problems right away and get peace of mind head lice won’t affect you any further.

Call our center today at: (267) 988-4823