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Caring For Camps

Summer Camps and Lice Detection Programs

Lice Lifters in Mercer, New Jersey, has a devoted staff that’s been accommodating patients in the region for many years now. We give people in the region access to lice treatment that’s speedy yet budget-friendly. Our technicians exclusively employ lice products that are natural and safe. This can be a wonderful thing for kids. Our treatment approach can be suitable for the management of head lice that are not vulnerable to any management formulas available in many stores these days.

Lice Lifters Of Mercer County Caring For Camps

Community Outreach

We accommodate people in the region via our world-class lice treatment approach. We also accommodate them via outreach strategies. We set up educational programs that can assist people who want to manage head lice. These programs can even assist those who want to keep head lice at bay. Our licensed team members travel to local educational institutions to assess faculty members and pupils for any hints of head lice. We talk to people at schools about all sorts of head lice prevention practices as well. We’re starting to present our programs to many nearby summer camps.
Lice Lifters Of Mercer County Camp Support Program

Summer Camp Services

While school-based and homeschool-sponsored programs make a difference in the community, head lice infestations occur throughout the year. To help keep lice out of your hair during the summer months, we’ve developed the “Caring for Camps” outreach initiative. “Caring for Camps” carries our message of lice prevention and treatment to summer camp staff, volunteers, and other camp community members. During these innovative sessions, professional lice removal technicians screen campers and staff for head lice. Our informative sessions could provide you with early detection and reduced lice infestation rates if you operate a camp program. Hosting one of our outreach meetings also helps you extend the peace of mind to the parents who faithfully entrust their children to your care.

When you contact us, we’ll gladly send our team to educate and examine your camping community. Staff and campers alike can learn about head lice prevention and treatment. Remember, summer camps give children even more close contact hours than home school coop and school settings. Take a moment to schedule a one or two-hour Lice Lifters® presentation and help families possibly avoid the need for extensive post-camp treatment.

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