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My 2 year old got lice from daycare! Went to Lice lifter the same day that I saw a bug on her head! Sam, was so nice and gentle with my daughter! We’ve now been bug free for 2 weeks. We followed the at-home solution recommendation that were given and we are just so thankful! We informed the daycare about the situation and they actually called lice lifters too and had them do head checks on the rest of the kids… truly life savers!
Jenna Finch
6 months ago

My daughter was sent home from school with lice, we called lice lifters and Sam got us in right away. She explained the procedure and ensured us everything was going to be okay since I was freaking out. I also loved that they don’t use chemicals which is something that was important to me. My daughter was able to go to school the next day with a note stating she was treated! Lice Lifters saved me and my daughter’s day!

Beverly Dickerson
7 months ago

My daughter was complaining that her head was itchy for a few days, after checking her myself and not seeing anything I decided to call Lice Lifters. Lisa was able to book an appointment for us the same day. My daughter was nervous but Lisa calmed her right down with a movie while she was being treated. The whole process took about a hour. She pulled out nits and lice that I had no idea were there. Lisa and Lice Lifters are the best!!!

Sara Hill
7 months ago

Lisa was amazing! I called the same day and she took us in within an hour. She told me everything she was doing and explained it all to me as well as the treatment plan for going home. She was very reassuring and helped me feel much better when I left. She was very thorough with my daughter and myself. She did such an incredible job. Everyone should use this place when they find lice it is well worth the money.

Kristine Rosa
8 months ago

My daughter’s school nurse called to inform me my daughter has head lice and I needed to pick her up from school. This was my biggest fear coming true. Thankfully I called lice lifters. They were able to see us right away and Tracy made my day when she told me my daughter is negative for head lice. The school nurse had it wrong. Just dandruff.

Jennifer Andrews
9 months ago

My oldest came home from school with lice. I seriously could have died! I was freaking out. We called lice lifters and they got us in right away. Tracey was absolutely amazing and ended up having to treat the whole family. She made me feel at ease and calmed my anxiety. The facility was very nice. We were all able to watch whatever we wanted on Netflix via our own tv during the treatment. It was very costly but in my opinion it was 100% worth it!!

Jenna Slavin
11 months ago

Never in 30 years have I had lice, and today we discovered our whole family of five had it… Theresa thank you for calming my wife. You gave us so much knowledge regarding lice. The fact that it is natural and non toxic for my children is amazing and it works! Not how we wanted to spend a day of our vacation but so worth it!!! Thank you Lice Lifters

Tyler Nichols
2 years ago

Life saving! I researched every product out there and spent significant money on solutions that did not work. Going to Theresa at Lice Lifters was a true return on investment! Additionally, she educated me and my family on lice, preventative solutions, and how to clear the home. Great experience!

Sophia Marie
2 years ago

What an experience!! So thankful for Lice Lifters and Theresa for being so kind to my son. He doesn’t do well with others and to sit for an hour and listen to everything Theresa explained was heartwarming. She really told him every step she was going to make before she did it. For a parent who has a child with medical issues this was so important. Again, I thank you!!

Lauren Jay
2 years ago

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All of our Mercer County lice removal salon products are 100 percent natural and perfectly safe for everyday use. You can purchase these products as well as at-home kits at our treatment center. You can also be confident that our products will work on all head lice. Even so-called “super lice” that have grown immune to the toxins in other head lice products won’t stand a chance against our all-natural, completely effective products.

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