Here’s How to Spot the Difference Between Lice and Dandruff

Head lice and dandruff are two things that are easy to mistake for one another. If you’re a parent and you see specks you don’t recognize on your child’s head, it’s important to know what it is you’re looking at. Depending on whether you or a family member are suffering from lice or dandruff, the

What Do Lice Look Like

Why Lice Are Best Avoided Worrying about what problems can befall your kids is a full-time job for a parent like yourself. Some of these problems are more serious than others, but head lice is one that you should at least be aware of and knowledgeable about. Luckily, lice do not transmit disease, but they’re

Can Lice Survive the Winter Cold?

Head Lice Don’t Take a Winter Vacation One of the few nice things about the arrival of winter and lower temperatures is that many bugs go dormant or into hibernation or just seem to disappear. One annoying bug, though, that does not go away just because it gets cold outside is head lice. As a

Home Remedies That Do Not Work To Treat Lice

Maybe you have noticed that your children are scratching their heads a lot. After close inspection, you discover one of the most dreaded hair condition: head lice. An online article from reports that lice have been infesting humans before recorded history. Hieroglyphic records and ancient lice combs were found in the tombs of ancient

Lice Go Head-to-Head at Summer Camp

If you went to camp as a kid, you probably have fond memories of this time. You may have been a little apprehensive about leaving home the first time you went. Once there, though, you made new friends while having a ton of fun doing outdoor activities. Fast forward to today, and now, you are

Head Shaving Doesn’t Help the Fight Against Lice

Head lice are a problem that many parents have to confront. You may have heard tales of other parents having found them on their child’s head, and so you are aware that this can happen to anyone. Lice do not discriminate based on race, creed, ethnicity, economic status or any other conventional label of social

Why Over The Counter Lice Treatments Don’t Work

No one wants to hear that their child has a head lice infestation. This can cause embarrassment, and it also raises the conundrum of how best to handle the situation. Some may seek home remedies for head lice treatment, but most of these have been found to either be ineffective or so arduous in their

Back to School Lice Care Tips

Being a concerned and involved parent, you do everything you can to look after your children and their well being.  Issues occasionally come up which can run the gamut from health, school or personal life issues that have to be dealt with.  Head lice may be one such situation that you didn’t know you would

Kids and Head Lice

It is very important to keep in mind that head lice are contagious. Head lice are parasites that will live in anyone’s hair whether long, short, clean, or dirty. They are especially common among kids who are in day care, preschool, or any other type of group setting. They also spread easily by head-to-head contact,

Preventing Head Lice After Being Exposed

Head lice are small insects that have the ability to reside in human hair, feed on blood, and multiply quickly within the hair. If your child or someone you know has been exposed to head lice, you must act quickly to reduce how much the lice will affect his or her hair. You will mainly

Are Lice In Your Head Instead Of On It?

Are lice in your head instead of on it?   It’s bad enough to find out you have head lice but when you finally get rid of them you fear they are still there.  At Lice Lifters® we say the “lice are in your head instead of on it”.  Once you have experienced head lice

Treating Head Lice

Children can get head lice even if they frequently wash their hair. They are spread by direct contact with someone who is already infected with lice or by using the belongings, such as hats, brushes or combs, of someone who has lice. One of the most common symptoms children infected with head lice complain about

Preventing Head Lice

Prevention of head lice is a much easier process than lice treatment, and having to remove the parasites which is more time consuming. Head lice feed off tiny amounts of blood from the scalp, and attach their eggs to individual hair shafts, where they remain until it is time to hatch, and the growth cycle begins

What Is Head Lice?

Head lice is invasion of the hair and scalp by a small, wingless insect called Pediculus humanus capitis. The most common form of transmission is head-to-head contact in addition to contact with infested brushes, hats, towels, pillows, carpet, stuffed animals, and sports uniforms. The three forms of lice are the nit, the nymph, and the